The digitisation - measuring physical and virtual presence


  • Liana Stanca Babes-Bolyai
  • Cristina Felea
  • Ramona Lacurezeanu
  • Christian Schuster



smart people, behaviour pattern, concept map, knowledge, information flow, social network analysis, data mining


The aim of the present study is to create the profile of persons who have become aware of their need to have a specific tool to move intelligently in an urban space. The research is conducted within the frame of smart cities literature and approaches cities from the perspective of the presence of Information and Communication Technologies in all areas of social, economic and political life. In this context, smart people are considered to be persons who use the advantages of technology to obtain information-knowledge and are capable to identify the need of a smart tool to assist them in various domains. A concept map is created that is interpreted as a tool to measure the physical and virtual presence of senior undergraduate students in Economic Informatics in places significant for academic information and knowledge transfer. The authors try to demonstrate the importance of combining data mining and social network analysis methods so as to carry out a complex analysis of the problem and validate by their findings important research by Fortunato, Girvan, Papadopoulos, Adedoyin-Olowe et al.

Author Biography

Christian Schuster

Faculty of European Studies, Department of International Relations and German Studies




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Stanca, L., Felea, C., Lacurezeanu, R., & Schuster, C. (2017). The digitisation - measuring physical and virtual presence. Studia Universitatis Babeș-Bolyai Digitalia, 62(1), 112–132.