Maciej EderJeremi Ochab: Computer-assisted text analysis: from authorship attribution to distant reading

MACIEJ EDER is the director of the Institute of Polish Language, Polish Academy of Sciences, and associate professor at the Pedagogical University, Krakow, Poland. Co-founder of the Computational Stylistics Group, the president of the Committee for Linguistics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is interested in European literature of the Renaissance and the Baroque, classical heritage in early modern literature, and scholarly editing (his most recent book is a critical edition of 16th-century Polish translations of Dialogue of Salomon and Marcolf). For a couple of years, Eder has been focusing on digital methods applied to literary and linguistic studies, with special attention paid to computer-based stylometry and non-traditional authorship attribution. His work is now focused on a thorough re-examination of current stylometric methods and applying them to non-English languages, e.g. Latin and Ancient Greek. More on personal website.

JEREMI OCHAB is an assistant professor at the Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland, and a member of Computational Stylistics Group. He graduated in theoretical physics and in English studies (specialised in translation). He conducts research on methods of data analysis, neuroscience, as well as stylometry and quantitative linguistics. Currently, his main interests are interdisciplinary applications of mathematical tools (analysis of complex networks, analysis of time series, random matrix theory) and machine learning. In the meantime he has translated several popular-science books into Polish.

Short Description of Workshop

Two-weeks workshop; description will be posted soon.