Welcome to Digihubb!

The idea of the Transylvania Digital Humanities Centre (DigiHUBB) was born as the crystallization of the research conducted, and of the projects managed by the founding members of the “Henri Jacquier” Centre at the Faculty of Letters within the Babeș-Bolyai University in the field of geocriticism and thematic mapping.

The target of creating a participative platform, which would gather specialists from the most diverse humanities fields, as well as IT specialists, around the generous concept of ‘digital humanities’ was one that fell quickly into place.

DigiHUBB joined the DARIAH-EU Network as a cooperating partner in 2017. 

The international support that DigiHUBB has been benefiting from stands for the recognition of the importance of making this research field known in Romania, to which our centre, the first of its kind in our country and one of the few DH initiatives in Eastern Europe, can contribute.

DigiHUBB is today an active centre conducting applied scientific research for innovation and knowledge transfer, whose members are holders of doctoral degrees, PhD candidates, specialists from various research fields (philology, history, art history, sociology, philosophy, media culture, mapping, economic sciences, computer science).