Christian Schuster

Christian Schuster, PhD, is a lecturer at the Department for International Relations and German Studies. He studied philosophy, sociology, media and intercultural communication in Romania, Bulgaria and Germany and holds a PhD in Philosophy.

He tutored students and PhD candidates on developing writing skills and organized inter- and transdisciplinary Studium Generale programs in Romanian, German, and English.

He is experienced in academic management and currently holds the position of Vice President of the University Senate, for a second mandate.

Digital Humanities Skills

Social theory, communication theory, philosophy of mind, academic writing, HTML/CSS, QA

Research Interests

My research revolves mainly around social systems theory developed by Niklas Luhmann, with applications in the philosophy of mind, political philosophy and sociology of international relations. Another field of interest is the transdisciplinary training of students.

The systemic paradigm in the social sciences intersects with cybernetics research, giving birth to a comprehensive theory of communication. In mz understanding, Digital Humanities must make use of this convergence and seek new ways to broaden the scope of classical humanities, both by making use of new communication technologies, and by studying the new cultural and social space created by them.


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