Corina Moldovan

Corina Moldovan holds a PhD in philology, being also an authorized translator in the cultural domain (French and Italian). She was awarded a Tempus scholarship and a scholarship of the French Government for a joint-supervision PhD. She refined her research skills in the geocriticism field at the EHIC laboratory within the University of Limoges, a discipline that she is introducing at the level of the two masters within the Department for Romance Languages and Literatures. She organized numerous colloquia and international congresses.

In 2014 she founded Transylvania Digital Humanities Centre, DigiHUBB, whose Director she is. In 2015 she was appointed an external expert of the REA commission in the field of digital humanities; in the same year she was a visiting fellow at An Foras Feasa Institute at Maynooth University, Ireland. She is a member of CIEF, EADH, CenterNET and

Research Interests

The main research interests and domains in which she is specialized are:

  • French and francophone literature, French literature of Romanian expression;
  • the literary and cultural phenomenon of decadentism and modernism;
  • art-literature interferences, art and cinema, the image and the expression of the body;
  • geocriticism theory and its applications (literary geographies, thematic mapping);
  • theory and history of digital humanities;
  • european cultural heritage.
  • Recent Publications

    Co-ordinated volume on cultural heritage

  • “Scholars in Dialogue: Multidisciplinary Approaches in Dealing with the Past in Transylvania"
    Edited by Corina Moldovan, Transylvania Review, nr. Vol. XXI (Supplement ), No 3, 2012
  • Articles on digital humanities:

  • “A New Interdisciplinary Research Field: Digital Humanities”, in “Globalization and Intercultural Dialogue: Multidisciplinary Perspectives” /ed.: Iulian Boldea, Arhipelag XXI Press, 2014

  • “Les humanites numeriques, une provocation” in “Debates on Globalization. Approaching National Identity through Intercultural Dialogue” / ed.: Iulian Boldea. Arhipelag XXI Press, 2015