Irina Drexler

Irina Drexler is one of the founding members of Transylvania Digital Humanities Research Centre – DigiHUBB and its new Head of Promotion, Dissemination and PR Department. She has a BA in English Language and Literature and Japanese Language and Literature, an MA in British Cultural Studies and a PhD in linguistics, with a focus on pragmatics, rhetoric and (critical) discourse analysis.

During her studies she was actively involved in educational projects, quality assurance and policy writing activities at a local and national level in the academic and NGO environment, gaining more than 8 years’ academic management experience. Besides her engagements within DigiHUBB, she is currently involved in national and international project-based activities related to discourse analysis in several online media, while also helping with the coordination of a linguistics book and working as a sworn translator.

Research Interests

Irina Drexler’s research interests include linguistics, in general and, in particular, pragmatics, speech act theory (John R. Searle and John L. Austin), rhetoric, critical discourse analysis (Norman Fairclough), sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, anthropological linguistics, cultural studies, gender studies, technological communication model (C. E. Shannon and W. Weaver), natural language processing (sentiment analysis, topic modelling, machine translation, speech recognition, text-to-speech, word sense disambiguation), digital theory and practice, communication and digital strategies, e-diplomacy. Keen on combining her academic background with her research work and civic engagements, she is currently involved in the No Hate Speech Movement initiated by the Council of Europe.

Recent Publications