• Research and Development

    Our research is oriented toward applied scientific research, innovation through knowledge transfer and knowledgedissemination in the subject area of Digital Humanities. Theorizing the acquired expertise, and the quest for new solutions and innovative methods and products are among our main priorities.

    Head of department: Ruxandra Bularca »

  • Education

    We offer a public lectures programme (Studium Generale) based on the latest developments in DH and aim to provide professional training for applied scientific research in the field of DH to young members of the teaching staff, graduate students and PhD students.

    Head of department: Christian Schuster »

  • Promotion, Dissemination and PR

    Spreading digital humanities knowledge in Romania, encouraging the work in interdisciplinary teams to promote digital creativity, applied research & innovation.

    Head of department: Irina Drexler »

  • Finance Department

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    Head of department: Adriana Tiron Tudor »